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A Post-apartheid Incarnational Theology

The phrase ‘post-apartheid incarnational theology’ sounds a bit fancy. But actually it’s really simple. It basically entails those who currently have lots of power and privilege giving it up in order to bring about reconciliation and equality. I see it consisting of five foundational values: (1) it is multi-racial and builds bridges across divides, (2) […]

A Talk I Gave at Deep River on Friday 17th Jan

Have you ever heard what John Wesley said about preaching? He said he knew he’d not preached the gospel in its fullness if he wasn’t thrown out of town afterwards. Prophecy comes with responsibility. To discern and obey. “Ride the wave of the Holy Spirit like never before” We fear ‘excess’, but the early church […]

A year of diary entries: London 2012-2013

Some highs and lows copied and pasted from my diary this last year living in London. 19.9.12 On re-learning London prices whilst flat-hunting. There is the six week deposit, plus one month’s rent up front – which comes to like GBP3,000. That’s all our money right now. Everything. And then we have to furnish the […]

Fusion Sponsored 14km Run

Fusion Sponsored 14km Run My family in Cape Town – Fusion – are doing a sponsored 14km run. The best thing about it is that YOU can sponsor them, and by doing so you’ll be helping raise running costs (pun intended) for the coming year. We are opening a residential house for those coming off drugs […]

Cancer healed

“A complex gospel thrives where there is no experience.” (Bill Johnson) What do I think he means by that? Potentially, that if you are not experiencing God’s supernatural inbreaking in your life, and haven’t for a while (or ever), the easiest thing to do is adapt your theology accordingly. In other words, you lower your […]

Higher and Higher

Drug related crime in Cape Town is growing exponentially, with substance abuse reaching pandemic levels. The unexpected sight of a group of five notorious young men, known for the wrong reasons, queuing to get tested for HIV in a foreign aid sponsored initiative in Manenberg, Cape Town. Unexpected not because of the scorching weather making […]

Moving House

We moved yesterday – a story of generosity and amazing provision. Will write about it soon… View this post on Instagram Home A post shared by Pete Portal (@peteportal) on Jan 28, 2013 at 3:06am PST