MeI’m Pete. Originally from London, I moved to Cape Town in 2009 and it’s become home.

I’m married to Sarah, and we live in Manenberg. In 2015 we opened up half our home to those needing help leaving drugs and gangs behind – so we spend a large part of our time re-parenting local young guys. We celebrate each individual, journey with them in pursuing freedom, and together we are cultivating an extended family following Jesus together.

We are part of a church/family/community called Tree of Life. Tree of Life is a growing group of friends from various part of Manenberg, Cape Town, and further afield. Part of the fruit of this shared life is the establishing of various ministries aimed at bringing generative change to Manenberg. Tree of Life also runs a coffee shop called Jou Ma Se Kombuis; a pre-school, called Skatties; a media company called MMCo; and a home for teenage girls called Basila.

What’s this blog about then…?
Pretty simply, it’s a space for me to process my own thoughts and share stories with friends and family around the world.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Matt Bryde says:

    Pete I saw you in KC two Sundays ago. I was amazed . The funny thing is me and my girlfriend don’t go there. First timers we were astonished to you talk about South Africa. We have been discussing going down and helping out as that area has had a intense calling to us for sometime. This is going to happen to some facility this year . Id love to visit with you and get some insight, and if you are looking for looking for volunteers possibly even work with you. I believe we walked into Navah that day to hear you. You are hilarious, but more important I could see the presence of the Holy Spirit in you . Love what your doing and hope we can be of service.
    Matt Bryde

  2. Val says:

    Hey Pete, how can i talk to you.? im doing a research u might be interested in

  3. Marc T Bamber says:

    Hi Pete, I met you at Emmaus Road and was very impressed. I am here with my son Benjamin having just finished a rugby tour and my daughter Josephine. Benjamin is on the edge of his Christian Faith and talked about your work quite a log after you spoke at Emmaus Road. We leave on ZHI day morning. Would it be possible to see you sometime on Sunday afternoon? My mobile is +44 7725 960939 and my email address is mb@buffaloassociates.com . I can’t find your number anywhere. Please could you let me know? Thanks, Marc Bamber

  4. Marc T Bamber says:

    Hi Pete, all comes clear, you’re on the UK! And I hope your masters has gone well, there is so much to do and having been in a couple of the temporary settlement and a new one in Cape Town last month we saw firsthand that building sustainable, happy and Christian communities in the new suburbs of Cape Town is incredibly important Kingdom business! Anyway it would be great to link up and also inspire Benjamin as well. We left him doing some voluntary work for 10 days at The Sparrow School, a Christian school in Johannesburg where the students are behind a few years and need additional assistance. I think it surprised him to see how good it felt to make a positiv contribution. Anyway we all need heroes and he identified you as someone he was impressed with as he goes into his Upper Sixth Form at school! Mar

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