MeI’m Pete. Originally from London, I moved to Cape Town in 2009 and it’s become home.

I’m married to Sarah, and we live in Manenberg. In 2015 we opened up half our home to those needing help leaving drugs and gangs behind – so we spend a large part of our time re-parenting local young guys. We celebrate each individual, journey with them in pursuing freedom, and together we are cultivating an extended family following Jesus together.

We are part of a church/family/community called Tree of Life. Tree of Life is a growing group of friends from various part of Manenberg, Cape Town, and further afield. Part of the fruit of this shared life is the establishing of various ministries aimed at bringing generative change to Manenberg. Tree of Life also runs a coffee shop called Jou Ma Se Kombuis; a pre-school, called Skatties; a media company called MMCo; and a home for teenage girls called Basila.

What’s this blog about then…?
Pretty simply, it’s a space for me to process my own thoughts and share stories with friends and family around the world.